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Our Values


LEO DEEP-OCEAN SERVICES value system is built on the belief that the company’s duty, is above all, to deliver the highest quality standards in work, and also support and advance the development of its staff, host communities and the country of Nigeria itself.

We commit ourselves to:

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Performance and Teamwork
  • Safe operations
  • Sound ethics in all business dealings

It is the policy of Leo deep-ocean services limted to implement a company-wide quality program, which consistently provides products and services, which conform to the needs and standards defined by our clients.  The company is committed to operating and maintaining a quality assurance system designed to meet the requirements of BS, EN, ISO 9002 (Latest edition). 

Achievement of the Company’s Quality Policy is the responsibility of all personnel who are individually responsible for the quality of their work and to whom this policy statement has been explained.  The management will ensure that relevant procedures are communicated to, understood, and adhered to by all personnel.

The company has the capability to establish an in-house Safety and Quality Management systems that satisfies the local client requirements and international Standards.

Leo deep-ocean services operates an elaborate health policy whose main goal is on the sustenance of work personnel.
The Health policy of the company focuses on the planning and execution of all activities in a safe manner so as to ensure all personnel enjoy sound health as well as conserve the environment through the following measures:

  • Avoid injury to and preserve the Health and Safety of employees as well as those of third party that may be directly or indirectly affected by such activity.
  • Ensure accident free operations at all times.
  • Integrate the Health, Safety and Environment protection in all aspects of its business activities
  • Minimize the effect of its activities on the environment in which the company operates.

All our personnel plan and perform their activities in accordance with this policy.

Community Affairs, Security, Health, Environment and Safety (CASHES) is our watchword in Leo deep-ocean services ltd. All matters relating to CASHES shall be appropriately dealt with in the manner and to the codes and standards applicable to the work at hand. All staff to be employed on the project shall be thorough medically examined and they shall be provided with details of information on the prevention of health problems.

All activities shall be organized, planned and executed in a manner as to promote the health of the workforce with no adverse effects to third parties.

LEO DEEP-OCEAN SERVICES LTD shall aim to reduce unsafe acts and/or conditions while strengthening unsafe act audit as a proactive and corrective tool for accident prevention.

To ensure compliance with the above, the necessary procedures and work instructions have been incorporated into our Management System. Employees are responsible for compliance with all the company policies, procedures, practices, and laws applicable to their assigned duties.

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