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Our Consultancy Services

Our Consultancy Services include:

Here, our services include:

  • Preparation of feasibility studies for proposed project,
  • Preparation of Tenders/Bids Documents,
  • Preparation of Technical Responses for Companies,
  • Preparation of Quality and CASHES Cases,
  • Preparation of Quality and CASHES Plans and
  • Manpower supplies and Development.

Increasingly companies are on the lookout for thoroughbred personnel who have good technical business knowledge and effective managerial skills.  We search for and groom these personnel for your employment.

Our services here include:

  • Recruitment of requisite personnel to fit your operations,
  • Skills audit to requisite personnel to fit your operations,
  • Career development to help organizations plan the career path for their staff and offer necessary training, development, and exposure and
  • Organizational arrangement / structuring for maximum productivity, profitability and effectiveness.

Leo Deep-Ocean Services Limited offers a flexible approach to our client’s needs. If required, we can quickly mobilize a high quality design office in most locations. This has been a useful attribute to our clients with brown field projects. Easy access to site for surveys and data gathering, speeds up the work and assists in ensuring that accurate constructible designs are produced on time.

Here, our services include:

  • Provision H.S.E. facilitators,
  • Project site inspections,
  • Environmental impact assessment studies,
  • Fumigation of Industrial and Residential Areas,
  • Sewage Removal Services,
  • Pollution Control/Environmental Cleaning,
  • S.E.S. policies and manuals,
  • Supply of safety officers,
  • Manpower development (personnel training),
  • H.S.E. Appraisal and audits,
  • Accident/ incident investigation and
  • Personal security appliances (CCTV) Procurement and installation.

Here our service include:

  • Provision QA/ QC facilitators,
  • Preparation of pre- mobilization quality and CAHES plans,
  • Project site inspection and engineering audit and
  • Quality systems design and implementation.
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